A Mysterious Life


My voice was down

My hope was big

My family was messy

Nobody can see my needs.



Life is mysterious

Too many things we cannot see

Sometimes our hearts are broken

But still sunshine warms them.



I tried to find the place

But it was nowhere

Nobody can believe it

And they continue doing normal things.



People are blind

They cannot see the truth

They can see just what interests them

They don’t understand other’s feelings

They care about money

But they don’t know the meaning of empathy,



See written in the sky

“Human Being”

Nobody can see

If it’s not money.



Just look around

I need basic things

Nobody can help me

And I just feel empty,



I see in a God

I pray for health

Nothing matter’s

Unless I believe in myself.


“P. Muca, Kerthi”



My Heart

Hold on, my heart

And take a deep breath

Keep walking on my path

Then, forget what goes on around you


Come with me

See the beauties that I see

Love what I see

As much as I love what you see


Start walking with small steps

On the yellow, red leaves

Feel the warm noises under your feet

And enjoy the view of happiness


Don’t take the chill with you

Take special things

That even others don’t notice

And feel peace in your blood


Love this life

With the power that the Universe  gives

Love my heart

As you would love an angel

Sit on my heart

And hear the bum-bum…